Bikinis for men and wearing them at public pools



Yes it is finally time to wear you bikini in any public pool anywhere. Bikinis for men are now considered main stream swimwear. Unlike bikinis for men, thongs and G-strings are still unfortunately considered to risqué for most public pools unless that pool is in Las Vegas, Miami, Los Angeles or a few other very liberal cities. Bikinis on the other hand are good to go anywhere. Guys are wearing bikinis to the beach, to the gym, to pool parties and on vacation. Bikinis come in all shapes and sizes and even the most extreme bikinis short of the completely sheer ones are great for public pools. You can pretty much gauge what types of bikinis you can used biased on what the ladies are wearing. Another thing to keep in mind is you do not need to be built like a model or a muscle guy to wear bikinis. Again just like the girls men come in all shapes and sizes and bikinis have become completely accepted as standard fashion attire for men in general. Once a man makes the switch from shorts to bikinis it is highly unlikely they will be changing back. This is one of the main reasons that bikinis for men are one of the fasted growing segments of the swimwear business. I made the switch a few years ago and I agree that they feel so much better than shorts, they make your body sexy and they are exciting to wear and be seen in. What more can you ask from the men’s swimwear choice you make!


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Stylish Bikinis for Men


There are thousands of stylish bikinis for men out there if you are willing to look for them. I know a lot of guys that would love to be able to wear a bikini, but they think that a bikini is something only a woman would wear. Especially the top part of said bikini. They don’t understand that mens bikinis aren’t made the same way as womens bikinis are. I guess you could say that my friends aren’t exactly the brightest bulbs in the box, but they all have really good hearts.

I have purchased a few stylish bikinis for men over the last few months in the hopes that my friends will finally understand what it is I have been talking about. I figure if I show them what a real mens bikini looks like, then they will be able to buy some for themselves as well. Then, we can all go out to the beach together and have some fun. They probably wouldn’t understand it, though, and think that I am wearing a new design of Speedo or something. Either way, I am going to enjoy wearing my bikinis even if they don’t get it.

I think more stylish bikinis for men are needed in public so that guys can finally see that they can have comfort and be sexy while on the beach, too. I never really thought it was fair that women got to wear sexy things in public all the time, but guys weren’t allowed to do that. Or rather it was frowned upon for guys to wear anything that would have been considered sexy. Maybe I can find a lumberjack design bikini so I can have that sexiness and the added manliness so that my friends could participate. On second thought, I think I will stick with what I have and, if they don’t like it, then they can go somewhere else on the beach.


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