What do you think about bikinis for men?

Bikinis for Men

Having worn bikinis for men for a few years now, I like to think that I know what I am getting involved with when I order something new to wear. I have seen quite a lot of different designs and bought my fair share of them as well. But there seems to be an underground design market that I have only recently come across in my searches. These are designs that I never would have thought about wearing in the past and seeing them actually being shown in public amazes me. I did not think half of these designs would be functional as swimwear and yet guys are starting to wear them all over the world.

It does make me feel good about the direction that bikinis for men are heading though seeing how many new designs are coming out. It means that there are guys on this planet that want to explore the swimwear of their choosing without feeling like they are being stagnant in what they can choose from. They know that they can choose to be someone exciting out in public rather than looking like everyone else who just bought their swimwear from a big retail store. Buying from a large retail store is something that I try my hardest to avoid these days because I do want to feel and look special in wearing your selection to others.

I know that there are some bikinis for men designs available on the market that I will not be wearing in public, but that does not mean that I am not happy to see other guys wearing them. I think we should have the right to wear whatever we want on the beach even if that means showing off a bit more than what some people might feel comfortable seeing. I think if the world could get over the fact that there are some sexy guys wearing sexy bikinis then it might be a world worth living in. Too many people are trying to force division upon us all. As they sure will not be stopping with swimwear anytime, soon.