Speedos or Bikinis for men it’s your choice!


All my swimwear choices now skew to bikinis for men and even smaller designs. My go to swimsuit for most occasions including pool parties, swimming at the gym and going to the beach are now micro bikinis. These are extremely small bikinis that can also be used as thongs in a pinch. I love the look of a bikini tan on a man’s ass but for my own ass I prefer a thong tan. My thong tan line gets me lots of phone numbers. Speedo swimwear designs are often considered the first popular bikinis for men. I would agree that some Speedo designs can be considered bikinis for men but most should be referred to as briefs. It seems to me if the side coverage is too wide they are briefs and not bikinis. I would say that a two inch wide max is as wide a bikini gets any wider and it becomes a brief. That said keep in mind bikinis can be as narrow as a tiny string i.e. a string bikini. String bikinis are becoming popular again for both men and women. Speedo swimsuits are extremely popular as the basic go to swimwear design throughout much of the world. As men become more fitness minded in the USA Speedos and bikinis are starting to take off. Men in the USA have always lagged behind European men when it comes to wearing fashionable swimwear designs. Being on the cutting edge of swimsuit style was never equated as something that would happen in the USA, the good news is that has all been turned upside down. Designers based in the USA are considered the standard of the world when it comes to men’s sexy and skimpy swimwear styles along with some of the most amazing quality. It started in Los Angeles and Miami which are both considered much more liberal than most other parts of the country when it comes to wearing sexy women’s and men’s swimwear styles. Like the old saying goes where California leads the rest of the country follows. When it comes to swimwear fashion and bikinis for men that statement is the absolute truth!