Are there Sheer bikinis for men swimwear styles and are they legal at the beach?




Yes bikinis for men are available as sheer swimwear in fact there are some styles that are partially sheer and some styles that are completely sheer. There are also solid color white swimsuits for men that are completely sheer only when they are wet. The fully sheer bikinis for men are interesting for many reasons but the one thing that stands out for me I believe would be of interest to most men. When I was shopping for my first all sheer swimsuit one of the things that worried me was the size of my penis. It is small but not too small to be displayed in a sheer suit. I am just about two inches flaccid. The problem is that when I am at the beach playing in the water I tend to get even smaller sometimes well under 1” which is so small I could be mistaken for a girl. I found some sheer designs at Koalaswim that feature a built in adjustable cock ring which keeps me from getting too small and keeps the pouch looking full all the time. The adjustable cock ring forces the penis into the pouch which makes it the center of attention on a sheer suit. Sheer swimsuits are by their nature are designed to fit skin tight and a plus is the feel so good on your body. The next question are they legal at beaches is a tough one to answer because it depends on the beach you are at. I have used sheer swimsuits on Southern California beaches which are most likely not legal for years without ever being bothered and I know the police cruising by me while I am tanning can see it all but they just don’t bother. If you are concerned about it you can always ask the lifeguard but from what I understand most people are OK with it as long as you are not being overtly sexual.