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Your first bikini part 1
Bikinis for men.

My feeling is that bikinis for men should be the standard swim wear for all men.
It’s funny that after so many years of wearing bikinis then thongs and now most of the time g-strings that most bikinis even micro pouch style bikinis for men feel like big suits.
I believe that most men who wear shorts to the beach would change with a little encouragement. The tan you get while wearing shorts looks so funny when you are nude.
The bikinis for men style tan looks sexy to women and it is very appealing to many men too. For years it was considered gay to wear a bikini in public but many men were secretly wearing there tiny bikinis in the backyard. I know many guys that would wear girls bikinis that their wives you buy for them just to get a great tan. Thanks to companies like Koalaswim bikinis for men are easier then ever to buy and there is no need to sneak around wearing a girls bikini. Bikinis for men come in all shapes and sizes. I would classify a Speedo as the upper range of full coverage bikini. You see many guys wearing these designs at pools and beaches on the East coast. Years ago I traveled to Europe and was just blown away by how small the bikinis for men you would see at the public beaches and pools. For the first time I knew it was possible for mainstream men to wear bikinis and smaller styles as the norm. Guys wearing shorts at the hot beaches through-out Europe look funny and out of place. If you are going make sure to get the tinniest bikini possible and make sure your tan looks good too, this way you won’t look like such a tourist, I love looking like a local blending in. Back to making bikinis for men a more mainstream style in the USA. Most women would not be caught dead wearing something big and baggy at the beach, they love to show off their bodies with Lycra Spandex bikinis that show everything. I love seeing women of all shapes showing there bodies, it is so natural and women are some much more in touch with the freedom of showing their bodies in public places. Think about it summer time any public pool any beach you can see the female form down to the smallest detail and they are so at ease with it.
When I first started wearing bikinis for men styles I admit I was a little nervous, the truth is you penis is exposed and the size and shape of it can be seen through most bikinis.
I would constantly get aroused because tight spandex will do that to you, men me included are not used to showing off our butts. The funny thing is I found that so many women, my preference enjoyed seeing me in bikinis and as the years have gone by I have switched from bikinis for men all the way down to micro g-strings for men that are as small as any girls bikini, thong, g-string and so close to nude it is amazing. I wish all beaches would allow nude sun bathing but since that is not likely to happen anytime soon in most countries other then the most progressive ones wearing micro swimwear gives me the control to be so close to nude it almost perfect. Most men making the switch to bikinis for men from shorts are probably better off going with bikinis and some of the new hybrid bikinis for men which show some cheek, have very narrow fronts most require you to bee very trimmed or hairless just like the ladies are, the hybrid bikinis for men are perfect for guys that want to show their bodies but are not quite ready for thongs.
When choosing bikinis for men, thongs, g-strings or for the very daring pouch only designs, I prefer the suit to be unlined. This shows the most male outline possible, the bikinis fit better and are definitely more erotic for the viewer. Ask most women under 40
If the enjoy seeing bikinis for men who have kept themselves in shape and they will say they love looking at guys like that. For men who are into men or bisexual you most likely know that a sexy little tan line is a total turn on. I can tell you from personal experience
That bikinis for men are like a magnet to other men. Whether it’s bikinis, thongs or g-strings I always have guys hitting on me and I can’t imagine how much sex I would have if I were gay. As it is I always take this positive attention I get from guys as a compliment.





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