Bikinis for men   Mens swimwear
Forced Feminine Femdom Sissy Training
Bikinis for men/women
Bikinis for men are very similar to bikinis for women with the major changes being how the penis is fitted in the pouch. Bikinis for men designs are very much beholden to all the years of womens swimwear and bikini design work. Let's face the sexy and slinky look that men are starting to enjoy with the many bikinis for men that are available today, the hottest designs coming from companies such as Koala have there roots all based in womens swimwear.

Bikinis for men designs are very similar to womens swimwear. Picture this suit sheer just like it is but with a flat pouch designed for the shape of a vagina and you can see this suit would fit a womens body to perfection. Thats not to say bikinis for men are feminine, it means the beauty of these bikinis designs owe quite a bit to the history and milestones reached in bikini designs for women. Many women enjoy seeing bikinis for men. They like ordering bikinis for men and dressigntheir men up in special suits. Some of the bikinis for men are fem style which in effect are male to female transformation suits. These fem style suits change the man into a total fem women where his penis once was. Women who are into this are often into Male chastity devices.

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