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micro fron with 1/2 size Brazilian bikini rear


When the first man first wrapped a loincloth around himself, he was setting the stage for the sexy and sensual bikini that is increasing in popularity especially in North and South America as well as Asia. Over the past couple of decades, men have become more involved in grooming and appearance or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that they have had more opportunity for attending to their appearance.


There are grooming products out there for men that would have been unheard of fifty years ago. As well, the choice a man has is much broader than in the past. There used to be uniforms according to you work field. Grey flannel suits. Jeans and plaid shirts. You get the picture.


While you might not remember the leisure suit, it was ground-breaking at the time. It made it official that a man could loosen his tie and unwind in garb somewhere between the work suit and the clothes he wore around the house. It is possible that the leisure suit marks some sort of definitive change in what a man could wear and could not wear.


The reason I started thinking about the leisure suit is that I wondered why men in North America took so long in adopting the bikini as an essential piece of their leisure wardrobe. After all, name me something hotter than a bikini? I mean, the bikinis of the type at Koala.

Just for fun, I looked up the definition of bikini and got two versions:

    1. very brief, close-fitting two-piece bathing suit worn by women.
    2. A very brief, close-fitting bathing suit worn by men.

It’s the latter version that interests us.  In some of the articles on bikinis, there was a differentiation between bikini and male bikini. The implication in the differentiation is that a bikini is only a bikini if it is the bikini based on the original concept. For a lot of pepople, when they think of bikinis, they think of the bikini featured in the beach movies of the 60s. Even this many years later those represented bikinis. Of course, those were the North American roots of the bikini even if in the western world, women were the lucky ones sporting bikinis.


Before going into a little look into where the bikini originated, let`s look at how bikinis have morphed in the 21st century.


Bikinis for men are hot.  Hotter than hot. The Koala Beach Voyeur attests to this. It’s a combination of a g-string and a full back suit that can be converted to a miniature g-string suit.


Why the conversion feature?  Let’s face it, if you are wearing a bikini, you’re not worried about getting a breeze on your butt.  The thing is, a lot of beaches, hotels and public pools have a restriction people – male or female – sporting around in g-strings. (Yes, hard to believe but there it is – fact of life.)


The Beach Voyeur is a fine example of responding to this staid approach to the male form. The micro front pouch covers your package. If you shave, so much the better for the great penis cover-up. The full back meets the public need for no-ass-revealing but the second you want to stretch out and tan, voila, the back can be pulled out of the way and there you have the wildly sexy micro g-string rear.


Ass tan, here you come!


The Beach Voyeur is an example of the interestingly creative Koala bikinis and it is a perfect example of just how far the world has come since the loincloth. The journey from loincloth to pull-on underwear as we now know it was long. We are talking thousands of years. Maybe more than eight thousand years. The first examples of loincloths appeared around 7,000 BC and pull-on undies for men started around the 1200s.


These first gotchas were made of linen or some such material and were big baggy creations that you tied around your waist and around your calves. No bag-revealing or shapely ass features in those delightful garments. I’m not sure but linen sounds like it might have been scratchy back in the day.


Mercifully, around the same time codpieces also began to be popular. Look at Koala’s Ego Booster, Enticement, Smoking Gun, or Magic Wand to see the modern day version of the codpiece. Not only do these – and other Koala swimwear fashions – allow you to strut your stuff, like the good old codpiece, they also allow you to maximize your assets.

Codpieces were fascinating. At one time, men wore tight-fitting leggings and long tunics and their genitals hung loose under their tunics.  It made it very convenient for comfort stops. There were no simple zippers or easy buttons that allowed you to get to the point when you had to pee. Untying, unwrapping, and undoing was a hassle best avoided with the arrangement of your equipment hidden by your tunic.

When the tunics got shorter, well guess what was waving in the wind. You got it.  The whole package. Codpieces began as cover-ups for the free willies. Hmmm, just had a thought. What if one of those pre-codpiece guys time-travelled to a resort with cover-up rules? The cover-ups were not just for modesty but for safety. It`s one thing to catch the edge of your tunic on something at work, but it is another thing to snag the end of your cock on something.

But I digress.

The codpieces began to become more than penis protectors and ball-sacks. Henry the Eighth padded his and this fashion became the rage. They even doubled as an early form of wallet or purse with pouches where you could stuff your money and other essentials of the day. If the pouches provided that extra oomph, well who was going to complain. But enough about codpieces. It’s just that the Koala swimwear puts me in mind of codpieces.


On to the early days of the bikini. As I mentioned, first they were typically worn by women and while women in two-piece skimpy outfits appeared in Roman wall-paintings it was not until just after World War II that the current bikini began to be popular.  It could have been the type of light-heartedness that a shattered world needed after the war. It was fun. It was new. It offered something distracting and promised a new kind of society where people were beautiful and not afraid to show the world their wares.

If I gave you one guess where the first navel-revealing bikini appeared, what country would you name?

If you chose any place other than France you would be wrong.

Jacques Heim and Louis Reard were the founding fathers of the tiny swimwear. Heim had a beach shop in Cannes and he brought out the little swimsuit he called the Atome (atom) because the atom was the smallest known piece of matter known to the world. Simultaneously Reard (who said a bikini was not a bikini unless you could pull it through a wedding ring) brought out his wee swimwear and called it the bikini. He sold his designs in his mother`s shop.

One speculates that Reard named his creation the bikini because of the atom business going on at Bikini Reef. Also there was a bombshell aspect to the bikini swimwear as well as the Bikini Reef projects. Both were shocking.

Even with the excitement about the new, revealing swimwear, the bikini was not a familiar sight on public beaches and indeed the swimwear was discouraged.  At least in North America.

When the bikini first appeared in France, naturally it caught on there faster than it caught on in the Americas or other parts of the world. At the time, the world was recovering from the war and the fields of action brought people’s attention to the rest of the world in an unprecedented manner. The fighting was centralized in Europe and Asia but North America was heavily involved in the action.

When Brigitte Bardot showed up on the beaches at the Cannes Film Festival in 1953 and then who wore a bikini in the movie And God Created Woman three years later, the publicity created an intense demand for the bikini in Europe. It also created a niche market for it in the United States. In the more Catholic European countries – Spain, Portugal and Italy – the bikini was out and out banned. In the United States it was also banned in some areas.

Part of the reason for the ban had to do with the regional culture. The “Bible belt” is an example. However the overall culture in the United States was a little bit on the proper side when compared with Cannes. For instance, the United States had the Hays office that carefully monitored the film industry.

It is a bit of a struggle for some to understand the sheer prudishness of the early and mid-twentieth century in the United States. But the Hays office (which is the popular name that the Production Code was known by) set the standards for decency through industry censorship guidelines. Between 1930 and 1968, the Motion Pictures Producers and Distributors Association (later the Motion Picture Association of America) held the motion picture industry to the code. Now there are film ratings that allow people to choose just how risqué a movie they want to see.

The point is that the Hays office set the standard for what was considered morally acceptable for the public to see. This created an acceptable use attitude for general behavior. When the bikini arrived, the public was in a state of mind to see that in North America, the bikini was just a tad too skimpy for the public taste.

Like the Hays office, there was a general consensus that anything that could lower the moral standards of the American people should be hidden from public view. This included anything that contributed to acceptance of crime, wrongdoing, evil or sin. Rock ‘n roll was preached against as a sure pathway to destruction of American society. Lucy and Desi, even though they were married, could not be portrayed as sharing the same bed. You may have seen the reruns with their bedroom with the matching twin-size beds. The I Love Lucy show scandalized the public when Lucy became pregnant on the show. Oh dear, oh dear.

Movies could not display nudity, perform suggestive dances, make reference to homosexuality, utter certain words, or be explicit about adultery and illicit sex. There were other elements regarding religion, the flag, and such matters. The mindset that existed in the Hays office set a standard of acceptable behavior might help to explain the societal pressures that were in place when the bikini arrived in 1946. After all, among the forbidden sights on screen was the navel. And bikinis are famous for displaying one’s navel.

Of course things change. There are theories about how such changes take place. Bear in mind that at the same time that the Hays office attempted to control the morals of a nation, other parts of the world – notably some European countries – were operating in a much more open-minded manner. Consider this – can you imagine the bikini first making its appearance in Boston?

There is a marketing process called diffusion that explains how a new idea gets accepted. It relies on the psychological processes involved in adopting the new idea. Early adopters are those people who latch onto a new idea and embrace it. When cell phones first appeared, when home computers first appeared, when the bikini first appeared, some people embraced the new idea and started wearing the tiny outfit in public. Others watched and when they saw that nothing terrible or startling took place, they too began to adopt the bikini as acceptable.

For the bikini, this was a two-step process. First European women accepted bikinis and eventually the swimwear became acceptable among women in North America. Simultaneously, men who were early adopters in Europe began wearing the bikini bottom or the male bikini. This is why men have been wearing bikinis in Europe for decades and only in the past decade or so has it become more prevalent in North America.

As the early European adopters of the male bikini set the stage, the mainstream in the Americas and Asia picked up on the European cues and in these countries men are more and more rapidly accepting the beauty and benefits of the bikini.

As for Asia, the bikini has become acceptable to the point that at the 2006 Asian Games, the Japanese beach volleyball`s uniform was so small that the country name had to be abbreviated on their bikini bottoms.

In South America, there is a strong European influence and it seems that the bikini is more acceptable there. At least for women although men are not too shy to wear revealing Speedo type swimwear.

When it comes to exciting swimwear and hot sexy looks for men, they have tended to come second to styles for women. Nevertheless men’s swimwear has evolved over the centuries. Early men’s swimwear (unlike women’s) was anything but form-fitting. Here’s a hint of how cumbersome early male swimwear was – one of the first of the modern (mid-20th century) swimsuits weighed nine pounds when it was wet. Try to keep that puppy from sliding to your ankles…but at least it was better than the early-twentieth century bathing suit that had to have a skirt over the trunks.

Showing the crotch in any way that gave the slightest notion of an outline of your package was a definite no-no. Picture the Koala South Beach in that day and age. Even when the smoother and clingier suits appeared in the 1930s, manufacturer’s stitched athletic type supports right into the crotch of the swimsuits to camouflage the maleness of your figure. Or to put it another way, your package was packaged tightly so none of its beauty and glory was visible to the world. Later the shapeless boxer trunks did the trick but in a more subtle manner. Nothing of your waist to thigh shape was really apparent in a baggy boxer trunk.

I should make it clear that so far I have been talking about North America when I refer to the modesty and the rules applicable to exposing yourself to the general vacationing or beach-going public. The fact is that European men have been enjoying the treat of bikini wearing for generations.

There are a several reasons why men have been slower in non-European countries to accept the bikini and some of them have already been described. However there is another reason and that is availability. One of the intriguing things about availability of any product is the tango that exists between buyer and seller. The seller does not want to become saddled with a product that he cannot sell. But the buyer does not buy what he cannot see.

The trick is to bring the two together so that the buyer can see what is available. Online swimwear sites such as Koala provide the kind of location that makes this union possible. As well as its offline mail order presence, its website allows the buyer to check out the full range of bikinis available and then some.

Like so many web businesses, Koala allows people like me who live in small towns to access the same tantalizing bikinis as the guy in downtown New York City. The demographics for the Teaser Sheer Bikini in a small town just don’t support a local bikini specialty shop.

Online, well that is a different story. In case you have not seen it, the Teaser Sheer Bikini is a sheer fullback bikini with a built in anal spreader ring, a heavy elastic butt plug pressure strap and built in adjustable cock ring.

So sites like Koala cover the first necessity for the move to bikinis in North America – availability.

Another factor is community acceptance of bikinis. Like that car commercial, it can be said, this is not your father’s bikini. When it comes to bikinis, the community can be defined as adventuresome and attractive in mind and body. You know the sexiest and most attractive part of a man is his attitude.

I have this vision of my bank manager in a Close Shave and I don’t mean a Gillette moment either. The Close Shave is nude-colored and so ultra low cut that it calls for a complete close shave. It is likely best suited for a body tanning outfit but I have fantasies of the manager wearing under his pin-stripe suit. Just because he can.

Bikinis come in a variety of styles and some are meant for private hot tub living and some are acceptable on any beach or in any gym and some are crossover. Koala’s Gym Baby is the suit that let me know that bikinis are coming to the forefront among men in North America.

The Gym Baby is acceptable at most gyms because it has the minimum amount of coverage required and yet has an adjustable cock strap and a full shaft sleeve that allows you to show off the equipment in its most flattering light. The shape is there, held firmly in place but you are covered.

It’s taken more than 60 years but the bikini has arrived in full force for men all over the world. Whether it is for pleasure, exercise, health, or to show off, there are bikinis that can provide the kind of sensual support and display that makes a man be proud to be a man.

The early adopters have spoken and now it is time for the rest of us to leap aboard and flaunt what we have.  We’ve come a long way from loincloths, codpieces, and nine-pound bathing trunks. About the only reason some of the bikinis available at Koala can’t pass through a wedding ring is because they have built in cock rings and we know that cock rings are bigger than wedding rings.

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