Go for it! Bikinis in public.

Bikinis for Men 

I have always felt that it took a very special type of guy to wear bikinis for men out in public. Of course, the only bikinis that I have seen up close would require a special type of person in order to wear them in public. I started looking into these designs a little over a month ago and found that there are a lot of different designs out there that I would be willing to give a shot. I may not wear them in public right away, but I wouldn’t mind trying them out in private just to see how they fit.

I am sure that there are plenty of other guys in this world that would like to wear bikinis for men, but they might feel a bit ashamed of that process. I know how that feels because I am the same way. I really want to try some of these things out, but I am afraid of what someone might think if they happened to see me while wearing them. I can just imagine what any of my friends might say if they came over unexpectedly and saw me prancing around my living room wearing some kind of strange bikini.

I would love to be able to wear bikinis for men out to the beach and show off my body like the other guys I have seen. Unfortunately, that isn’t something that I am going to be able to do anytime in the near future. Maybe I can find a bikini design that fits my body style a bit better and doesn’t make me think everyone is laughing at me when I put it on. If I was able to find a design like that then I think I could be happy enough wearing a bikini out to the beach for the weekend. I might have to look around for a beach that I have never been to and try wearing a new bikini out there just to see what peoples thoughts are when they see me.

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