When It’s Too Cold To Wear Bikinis For Men Outside


I have been wearing my bikinis for men around the house lately because it has been too cold where I live to take them outside. You know you are hooked when you can’t go a single week without slipping into your bikini even if it is while you are sitting around in your house. I never thought I would end up being one of those guys that wanted to wear his bikini no matter what but apparently that is exactly what I have turned into. I don’t mind though since my bikinis are extremely comfortable to wear and I do look rather sexy in them.

I love taking my bikinis for men out to the beach but when it’s too cold to go out I have to do something to get this feeling. I tried wearing them under my clothes during the day but I didn’t get the same feeling from them since I couldn’t show them off to anyone. I really love showing my bikinis off and wearing them under my clothes makes it impossible to do that. I guess I could show them off but I would probably get into a lot of trouble for dropping my pants at a moment’s notice.

I can’t wait for the days to start warming up again so that I can wear my bikinis for men out in public. I want to see the reactions from the people I pass on the beach as they stare at my sexy body again. But until any of that can happen I will just keep wearing them around the house and hope that strangers pop by every now and then so that I can surprise them at the door. You have no idea how entertaining it is when you get some of those religious people stopping by to talk about whatever they are trying to sell. It really is a lot of fun.