Speedos or Bikinis for men it’s your choice!


All my swimwear choices now skew to bikinis for men and even smaller designs. My go to swimsuit for most occasions including pool parties, swimming at the gym and going to the beach are now micro bikinis. These are extremely small bikinis that can also be used as thongs in a pinch. I love the look of a bikini tan on a man’s ass but for my own ass I prefer a thong tan. My thong tan line gets me lots of phone numbers. Speedo swimwear designs are often considered the first popular bikinis for men. I would agree that some Speedo designs can be considered bikinis for men but most should be referred to as briefs. It seems to me if the side coverage is too wide they are briefs and not bikinis. I would say that a two inch wide max is as wide a bikini gets any wider and it becomes a brief. That said keep in mind bikinis can be as narrow as a tiny string i.e. a string bikini. String bikinis are becoming popular again for both men and women. Speedo swimsuits are extremely popular as the basic go to swimwear design throughout much of the world. As men become more fitness minded in the USA Speedos and bikinis are starting to take off. Men in the USA have always lagged behind European men when it comes to wearing fashionable swimwear designs. Being on the cutting edge of swimsuit style was never equated as something that would happen in the USA, the good news is that has all been turned upside down. Designers based in the USA are considered the standard of the world when it comes to men’s sexy and skimpy swimwear styles along with some of the most amazing quality. It started in Los Angeles and Miami which are both considered much more liberal than most other parts of the country when it comes to wearing sexy women’s and men’s swimwear styles. Like the old saying goes where California leads the rest of the country follows. When it comes to swimwear fashion and bikinis for men that statement is the absolute truth!



Having Fun in Bikinis for Men


The biggest thing about bikinis for men and getting to wear them is just how much fun that guys can have while wearing them. Think about it. You wear them to the beach where you get to lay out under the sun to get a tan. They are great for swimming in the ocean. Of course, there are always beach volley ball games to play and those bikinis come in really handy. All of those things are only the beginning of how much fun you can have in bikinis especially out in public where others can see you. The list is actually pretty long of things you can do while wearing your bikinis.


One of the most popular ways to have fun while wearing bikinis for men is the fact that they can strut their stuff across the sandy beach as they walk to water’s edged. No one can avoid seeing you in all of your god like glory when you wear bikinis that fit you like you were born in them. Nothing can actually take away that kind of perfection and no one can miss appreciating it as you stroll by each and every beach goer as you walk past them. Obviously, you must think of all that positive attention while wearing your bikini and possibly put it at the top of the list of pros for wearing it.

Easy care swimsuits are also pretty important especially for those guys that go swimming a lot. Bikinis for men that are constructed from high quality material are nearly always the easiest of all swimwear to take care of and stay in good shape. While you may love buying new bikinis, with easy care bikinis, that will not be something that is necessary. When you buy the right sort of swimsuits, you will get everything on your list. They will comfortable, flattering, and simple to care for. Now what else can you ask for in the perfect bikinis.

Are there Sheer bikinis for men swimwear styles and are they legal at the beach?




Yes bikinis for men are available as sheer swimwear in fact there are some styles that are partially sheer and some styles that are completely sheer. There are also solid color white swimsuits for men that are completely sheer only when they are wet. The fully sheer bikinis for men are interesting for many reasons but the one thing that stands out for me I believe would be of interest to most men. When I was shopping for my first all sheer swimsuit one of the things that worried me was the size of my penis. It is small but not too small to be displayed in a sheer suit. I am just about two inches flaccid. The problem is that when I am at the beach playing in the water I tend to get even smaller sometimes well under 1” which is so small I could be mistaken for a girl. I found some sheer designs at Koalaswim that feature a built in adjustable cock ring which keeps me from getting too small and keeps the pouch looking full all the time. The adjustable cock ring forces the penis into the pouch which makes it the center of attention on a sheer suit. Sheer swimsuits are by their nature are designed to fit skin tight and a plus is the feel so good on your body. The next question are they legal at beaches is a tough one to answer because it depends on the beach you are at. I have used sheer swimsuits on Southern California beaches which are most likely not legal for years without ever being bothered and I know the police cruising by me while I am tanning can see it all but they just don’t bother. If you are concerned about it you can always ask the lifeguard but from what I understand most people are OK with it as long as you are not being overtly sexual.

Shopping bikinis for men.


Shopping for bikinis for men can be an exercise in frustration for a lot of guys. The men that fit into this category are the same ones that hate shopping in general. They do not want to accompany friends or partners to spend the day at the mall or several malls. That same attitude holds when it comes to shopping for themselves. Even though they know that they need new swimsuits, they still do not want to put forth the effort to get some that will flatter their bodies and get them some positively lustful attention. Instead, they sadly just grab a swimsuit off the rack and off they go. It is rather interesting that they have no clue later as to why no one is looking at them like they are good enough to eat when they appear publically in these swimsuits.

If you hate shopping for bikinis for men, there is some very helpful advice that is just for you and other guys like you. Rarely is there a home that does not have a computer in it, but if you have not moved into the current technology age, there is still help for you. Places such as libraries, computer cafes and several other locations that you can easily access online websites to do your shopping for bikinis exist. It will get your out of the house and help you relax a little. Who knows? You might even make some new friends while you are out shopping online.

At any rate, when you search for bikinis for men online; there is no pressure. You will have no sales associates peering over your shoulder and following your around. There is no time limit that you must meet in choosing your swimsuits, either. All you have to do is peruse the pages of the high quality menswear websites and see what seems to speak to you. It is all up to you. If you do not find something with your first search or your first five searches, it just does not matter. You will find something in your own good time. So you see, you might learn to love shopping your way before you know it.


Bikinis for men are amazing


Bikinis for men make your body look great. Whether you are going for bikini swimwear or bikini underwear you are going to have fun. Bikinis for men are a blast to wear. They make your body look sexy, both men and women love the way they look and they feel great. The support you get from wear a sexy little bikini is so hot that it borders on being arousing. Many men get hard the second they slip on a bikini. You first bikini is always the most special one and that goes double the special if your first bikini is a swimsuit. Swimwear bikinis for men are the most fun of all bikinis because you end up wearing them in front of a lot of people. At first it can be a little intimidating. You might even wonder how the ladies are so relaxed wearing almost nothing in front of all these strangers. The answer is they have been doing it since they are young. You will adjust to the feeling of being fully exposed, almost naked compared to your shorts. Many men myself including get hooked on wearing slinky form fitting spandex suits and as time goes on we wear smaller and smaller designs. I wear an extremely tiny bikini to the beach and even to swim laps at the gym. My bikini at the beach is just a cover up for my even smaller G-string. I try to wear the sexiest bikini style underwear designs too. My girlfriend loves the way they look on me and during the summer months if I am not in a bikini swimsuit around the house I am wearing bikini underwear. There are few things more comfortable and more exciting to wear!


Bikinis for Men Never Go Out of Style


Even though bikinis for men were introduced to the public at large many years ago, they continue to remain one of the most popular of all swimsuit styles for men. If you have any doubts about this, all you have to do is look around you when you visit your favorite beach or resort. Nothing has ever outdone the bikinis style and it is doubtful that it ever will. Men continue to flock to the bikinis that have been around forever even though there are other designs and styles now available for them to choose. They still turn to the tried and trusted style of bikinis every time.

Bikinis for men have changed very little during the time that they have been available on the market. Yes, colors have been added to make them a little more exciting than they already were but somehow, they do seem to be a little different than those very first bikinis that were introduced to society so many years ago. The cut of these newer bikinis is a bit more flattering and sexy. Maybe because of this, these bikinis are able to flatter more men and their body types than in the past. Either way, these are still the swimsuits of choice for the majority of men.


Another interesting fact about bikinis for men is that the guys that are attracted to these swimsuits are somewhat ageless. Men of all ages from pre-teen to far past retirement age enjoy wearing bikinis when they head out to the beach or visit a community swimming pool. It is not surprising to see a young boy of 10 years old strolling along beside his 70 year old grandfather on the beach with both of them wearing bikinis. This is a sweet picture and also shows the timelessness of bikinis that men wear. You can always turn to a bikini for the right swimsuit.