Feeling at Home in Bikinis for Men



I have always felt at home wearing my bikinis for men out on the beach. Even the first time I ever tried them on I felt like they were the missing part in my life that made me feel complete. I know some other guys that have tried wearing these kinds of bikinis and they felt extremely awkward in them the first time. Some of them have gotten over that initial awkwardness but there are still a couple of them that just can’t seem to feel right while wearing them. I don’t really understand why, though, since they feel so great on me.

I have a hard time understanding why some guys talk about how hard it is to wear bikinis for men out in public. To me, wearing bikinis out in public is about the same as wearing a new pair of jeans outside. I don’t really pay any attention to the people looking at me when I am walking by as their opinion of how I dress doesn’t affect me in any way. It’s not like I am going to have issues with them for wearing something that I wouldn’t normally wear so why should they have issues with me wearing a bikini to the beach?




I guess wearing bikinis for men isn’t for everyone in the world, but I would highly suggest giving them a try if you want to have some real fun in your life. You could keep wearing the same old swimwear to the beach and feel like you are just being safe with how much of your body you show off, but there isn’t any fun in that. You need to get out there and really show the world what kind of guy you are and the only way of doing that is to wear the sexiest bikini you can find. It might feel awkward to you at first, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying your life.

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