Loving My Bikinis for Men


I love wearing my bikinis for men, but I would like it even more if people would top staring at me like I had grown an extra head or something. I don’t mind people staring if they like what they see although there are some people out there that seem confused by my wearing of a bikini. I guess I can understand if these people had been locked away in a barn all of their lives. They might not have seen something of this nature. However, these days guys wearing bikinis is almost a natural occurrence on the beaches that I like to hang out on. Seeing one more guy walking by shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

I can remember the first time I saw a guy wearing bikinis for men. I was intrigued to know more about those fabulous swimsuits rather than disgusted by how much of their bodies they were showing off. I wanted to find out everything I could about those bikinis and hope that they didn’t cost an arm and a leg. You see, I wanted to buy my own. The only thing was that I was too scared to go up and actually ask anyone about their bikinis for fear of being ridiculed.

After a few years, I finally decided to start looking around online for bikinis for men to see if I could find anything I liked. That is when I realized just how much I was going to enjoy wearing them. With all of those different styles and designs available, plus the fact that they were all very reasonably priced, I knew right there and then that I had found my home. I have been wearing them ever since, and I do not regret it at all. I wish I had started looking online sooner but I am happy with what I have accomplished this far. Now that I’ve started this pursuit, I plan to expand even more on my bikinis wardrobe.

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