Appropriate Designs in Bikinis for Men


There are some bikinis for men available on the market that shouldn’t be worn in public. The only reason that I bring this up is because I have recently seen a guy trying to wear one of these bikinis on the beach that I like to go to. I know I shouldn’t be the one that cries and whines about what other people are wearing since I like to wear some sexy bikinis myself, but this man had no reason to wear that particular design in public. It was quite upsetting for everyone on the beach that he was showing off that much of his skin.


I can understand wanting to show off one of the new bikinis for men and everything, but this one was a bit too racy to be showing off to the general public. It didn’t take very long before this guy was asked to leave the beach and change into something else. Thankfully, he didn’t argue the point and walked off with his head held high. I am sure that he will think twice before going to the beach in something like that again. This is the kind of lesson that everyone needs to   understand before they go to the beach in my opinion.

There is no reason why you can’t wear your bikinis for men to the beach and show everyone how sexy you are, but you have to understand that there are some designs that people are not going to be happy looking at. You have to look at the designs that you like and decide whether or not you are going to end up getting into some kind of trouble for wearing them in public. If you think there might be the slightest chance that trouble will follow you around, then you might want to consider wearing something a bit more conservative. We all have to share the same beach after all.

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