Bikinis for Men and Manscaping


When you first start wearing bikinis for men, you will most likely be overly excited and want to show them off without hesitation. I know this because that is exactly how I felt about my first bikini. As soon as it arrived in the mai,l I was heading out to the beach to show the thing off. I could just imagine all the people out there seeing me walk onto the beach, clapping and smiling as my body glistened in the sunlight. Of course, that isn’t even close to what happened that day, but I did end up learning a very valuable lesson about wearing bikinis for the first time.

The reason my body wasn’t glistening in my new bikinis for men was all the body hair I had neglected to remove. Sure, some guys look rather sexy with a bit of chest hair while out on the beach, but my chest hair pretty much wraps around my torso and looks more like a rug or wool jacket at times. Instead of people smiling and applauding my body, they were staring and pointing at me while trying their best to hide their laughing from my sight. That is not a feeling I would want anyone else to have to go through if they can avoid it.


Now I tend to do some man-scaping before I take any of the new bikinis for men that I purchase out to the beach. I find it much easier to get the attention that I am seeking if I do look as good as possible. I would suggest that you don’t shave it off, though, as unsightly razor burns are almost as bad as leaving the hair as it is naturally. I would also do any hair removal a few days before so that you don’t have those red patches of raw skin showing, too. On the other hand, you might consider going to a professional and having all of that unwanted body hair removed permanently.

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