Opening Yourself to Bikinis for Men


Opening Yourself to Bikinis for Men

Wearing bikinis for men is something that many guys would never consider doing. These guys think that bikinis are only worn by women and, when they hear about guys wearing them; they instantly imagine a guy wearing a woman’s swimsuit. Of course that is not what these bikinis look like at all. Sure, the bottoms might look a little close to what women wear, but they also have a little extra room for whatever you might be packing in there. They also have some designs that women wouldn’t be comfortable wearing out in public, but most guys would absolutely adore. After all, women don’t actually need any little front opening.

I have been wearing bikinis for men for a while now and I love them. There is nothing else in this world that I would rather wear on the beach as far as I am concerned. I do get a little bit of negative attention from the people on the beach at times, but it’s not as much as I used to get when I first started wearing my new bikinis. People used to actually throw things at me when I walked by in those first days of wearing them in public. Now it is usually just a glance of disapproval in my direction and that is all.

I wouldn’t give up my bikinis for men for anything. I think that if more guys would simply try them out for themselves that it wouldn’t be that long before these remarkable creations were the most common swimwear in the world. Just imagine what the next sexy designs would end up being if all the men in the world started wearing these bikinis to the beach. There probably wouldn’t be much in the way of fabric with those designs, I would think. It is rather difficult to get any sexier than what I am already wearing, after all. That doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t love to try, though.


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