Bikinis for Men and Manscaping


When you first start wearing bikinis for men, you will most likely be overly excited and want to show them off without hesitation. I know this because that is exactly how I felt about my first bikini. As soon as it arrived in the mai,l I was heading out to the beach to show the thing off. I could just imagine all the people out there seeing me walk onto the beach, clapping and smiling as my body glistened in the sunlight. Of course, that isn’t even close to what happened that day, but I did end up learning a very valuable lesson about wearing bikinis for the first time.

The reason my body wasn’t glistening in my new bikinis for men was all the body hair I had neglected to remove. Sure, some guys look rather sexy with a bit of chest hair while out on the beach, but my chest hair pretty much wraps around my torso and looks more like a rug or wool jacket at times. Instead of people smiling and applauding my body, they were staring and pointing at me while trying their best to hide their laughing from my sight. That is not a feeling I would want anyone else to have to go through if they can avoid it.


Now I tend to do some man-scaping before I take any of the new bikinis for men that I purchase out to the beach. I find it much easier to get the attention that I am seeking if I do look as good as possible. I would suggest that you don’t shave it off, though, as unsightly razor burns are almost as bad as leaving the hair as it is naturally. I would also do any hair removal a few days before so that you don’t have those red patches of raw skin showing, too. On the other hand, you might consider going to a professional and having all of that unwanted body hair removed permanently.

Wear Bikinis for Men to Accept the Man You Are


One of the best things about bikinis for men is the interesting designs they can come up with. I have seen a lot of these designs on the beach but, once I started looking around online; I saw even more that probably couldn’t be worn in public. I find it fascinating that there are so many different guys in the world who want to show their bodies off in this manner. It’s almost like guys are getting tired of being told what they can and can’t wear because of someone else’s misguided interpretation of what manliness looks like.


I think wearing bikinis for men shows a very high level of acceptance of one’s manliness. After all, you would have to be pretty secure in your manhood to be walking around in public showing off that much skin, wouldn’t you? I know that I am very secure in my manhood, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing a lot of the designs that I have seen. It’s not that I wouldn’t like to wear them, of course, but I think other people would prefer that I wasn’t wearing something like that in front of them. I can’t really blame them, though, as I don’t have the hardest body out there.

Still, it is nice to see guys wearing all different kinds of bikinis for men on the beach. There was a time not too long ago when wearing something of this nature on most beaches would have garnered the ultimate in ridicule. Thankfully, people have started opening up their minds a bit and realized that you can be comfortable and sexy at the same time. Hell, women have been doing it for decades now so there is no reason why men shouldn’t be able to as well. At least, it is my personal opinion that we should be allowed to be able to do things like that, even when it isn’t with something like swimwear.

Daring to Wear Bikinis for Men


I find the new bikinis for men extremely sexy, especially when I am wearing them out on the beach. They are created perfectly so that they hide what people don’t want to see while allowing me to show off what I want to be on display. There are few designs like that available on the market that will let you do something of this nature. Since I am quite the exhibitionist at heart, I always try to push the limits of what is acceptable to the public, and I have done quite well with these new bikini designs.

Most of the really erotic bikinis for men that I own, I try to keep for private viewing. I always offer to show anyone that is interested in the bikinis that I am wearing on the beach and I have had quite a lot of good luck that way. You would be impressed with just how many people want to see something this sexy on my body. Of course, they don’t usually stay on very long after I show them off, but that is the whole reason as to why I show them off to people. Some people may think I am arrogant about my body but, when you have something this sexy at your disposal; you simply have to show it off.

I would like to see all the other guys out there wearing bikinis for men, but I know that they don’t have the same kind of body that I do. I find it really sad that they aren’t doing something about that, but I can understand that they are happy with who they are. Of course, if they were more like me, then they would find a level of happiness that they never knew existed. Maybe you should think about that the next time you start looking for a new men’s bikini to wear out to the beach. A change might just be what you need.

Opening Yourself to Bikinis for Men


Opening Yourself to Bikinis for Men

Wearing bikinis for men is something that many guys would never consider doing. These guys think that bikinis are only worn by women and, when they hear about guys wearing them; they instantly imagine a guy wearing a woman’s swimsuit. Of course that is not what these bikinis look like at all. Sure, the bottoms might look a little close to what women wear, but they also have a little extra room for whatever you might be packing in there. They also have some designs that women wouldn’t be comfortable wearing out in public, but most guys would absolutely adore. After all, women don’t actually need any little front opening.

I have been wearing bikinis for men for a while now and I love them. There is nothing else in this world that I would rather wear on the beach as far as I am concerned. I do get a little bit of negative attention from the people on the beach at times, but it’s not as much as I used to get when I first started wearing my new bikinis. People used to actually throw things at me when I walked by in those first days of wearing them in public. Now it is usually just a glance of disapproval in my direction and that is all.

I wouldn’t give up my bikinis for men for anything. I think that if more guys would simply try them out for themselves that it wouldn’t be that long before these remarkable creations were the most common swimwear in the world. Just imagine what the next sexy designs would end up being if all the men in the world started wearing these bikinis to the beach. There probably wouldn’t be much in the way of fabric with those designs, I would think. It is rather difficult to get any sexier than what I am already wearing, after all. That doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t love to try, though.